DAY 13:

A day of rest. Thank you Lord! I’d had left shoulder trouble since two weeks before beginning, and last night I woke to such pain, I took two aspirin and went back to sleep (I hadn’t taken anything for it until then). My right thumbnail finally fell off which makes using my right hand easier and it is getting better each day (I smashed my thumb at work before starting this trip). I did work on my journal (via my laptop computer), but a day’s rest (and two aspirin) helped a lot.

Dear Reader, there are many more journal entries from my wagon mission (73 days in all). They are currently located on Facebook. And I have just learned (Dec 4, 2023) how to transfer them here although I have to do it one post at a time and that's probably hundreds of posts. I will however do that, probably a little at a time. And to make it easy on the reader, I will put them all in one post in a continuous list that can be scrolled. Hopefully I can get that done soon. 

Thank you for visiting! 


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