DAY 6:

Although a larger community than I was addressing in my mission, Holton is still a friendly little city with a lot of small town folk and flavor (I ain’t just saying that). Folks stopped and got out of their cars to take pictures and visit. In no time at all a man came forward and offered help with anything I needed including a place to stay. A short time later, another man came forward and offered the same.


One block NE of town square in Holton KS.


One block SE of town square in Holton KS. 

I had lunch at this dinner; a pork tenderloin sandwich, and man was it good! The owner, Brandee, is pictured on right. It was Friday lunch hour, and for the quality of food, price, plus atmosphere, and the fact that it was next to historic town square; I was surprised not to see more people! I think people were eating at Sonic, Taco Bell, and other fast-food-chains out on the highway by Walmart. We all know what is to be under pressure at lunch, in too big a hurry, perhaps even a little brainwashed by a continual stream of advertisements that tell us what we need, but, if we are to save our little towns; we need to support our locally owned business!

Pastor Bob and his wife Danna came from Nortonville and took me to dinner. Then returning to my camp, Bob took this photo of his grandson Carter. My camp was a grassy lot provided by a kind resident of Holton. Neighbors provided  basic needs (including fudge brownies!).


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