DAY 4:

Reba in early morning mist. She’s a “Black and White Clydesdale” which is a bred. There’s regular Clydesdales like the famous Budweiser Clydesdales, and there are Black and White Clydesdales which are rarer. They are not actually black, but much darker than regular Clydesdales.

It's hard playing second fiddle! Jill was bushed. We all were, and we hadn't even got rolling. I worked four hours cooking, cleaning, tending animals, and breaking camp that morning - was wet with sweat by the time we set out. 
Slow going on this day, very tired, all of us. Hoped to camp early, wasn't worried about making lots of miles. Found a great place, a pond built by the State for fishing. I thanked the Lord because it was perfect. Then I read the sign with its long list of regulations (no horses, no camping, no firearms, no this, no that) and I was ticked off, mostly because I was tired and needed a place to rest, but also because here our little towns and farms have been dwindling for decades and the geniuses in Topeka are building fishing ponds for sissies! Ugh! We got back on the road, parked in the shade of a tree, and napped (deep sleep). Reba napped standing, I napped on the wagon seat, and Jill on the road. Then we were off again, slow as a horse can go, and hoping to camp. And as always, I walked up the hills so Reba wouldn’t have to pull my weight.

We came upon this tiny fellow (they had touched noses only a moment before, and I wish I had gotten a picture of it!).

A kind farmer named Harold gave us a place to camp for the night and it was perfect. I slept in the barn. Reba grazed in the area shown above and flirted with a handsome gelding across the fence. Harold had an old dog but it went with him up the road, so Jill didn’t have a playmate on this occasion (Jill was  living a dog’s dream).

He's handsome, she's pretty, and both are acting like
couple of teenagers (he's much better looking in real).



Chores all done. Time to kick back and have some supper! 
Yeah baby, I needed this! 


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