DAY 8:
From Holton we traveled (on gravel roads as usual) towards the town of Emmet, KS.  Late in the day, when I stopped and asked Tim and Linda if they knew where I might be able to camp; they gave me an excellent campsite with a fishing pond, row boat, and plenty of grass for Reba. They didn’t know me, didn’t know I was coming, but when I told them I was on a faith-based mission to inspire our people to hang on to their little towns and farms, well, they went all out to set me up in a good situation. Then, as dusk was falling, they returned to my camp with an extra blanket because they knew it was going to get cold and they were afraid I wouldn’t be warm enough. Tim and Linda own a towing service (Reino Tow Service), so they’re not strangers to helping people.

I caught a bass and boy-howdy did it taste good! I also had fried potatoes, with slices of green pepper, apple, and oatmeal bread.  Funny how when I went fishing in the rowboat, both my dog and horse followed on the shoreline. Then while I cleaned the fish, Reba and Jill stood watching over and under my shoulder.


Reba is an extraordinary horse; beautiful, solid, friendly, and highly dependable. God gave her star-power, nearly everyone was smitten and (in a culture where horses are not forgotten) that helped our mission.

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