DAY 9:

Jill warms herself in the morning sun after a cool night (the moister on her legs is from dew-covered grass). My morning office (in background is the lake I fished last night).  Below right, photo shows the wagon packed and ready to roll (all that remains to install is the cover tarp). Below left, photo shows Reba and Jill Ready to roll. All that remains is to hook Reba up to the wagon.

Who says Kansas ain’t beautiful! Its fall, the air is mild and the sky is bright blue. Birds sing while wagon wheels roll quietly along the dirt road, curving gently, dropping into wooded ravines, crossing streams, then up onto gentle pastors and 20 mile vistas. Kansas may not look like much to high-fliers in jetliners, but from a horse-drawn wagon, one can see and appreciate the true beauty of America’s Breadbasket!


Today, I first met Al and Sarah (not shown in photos). Al tried to give me a bale of hay for which I was grateful even as I declined because so much good grass grew along the road. Sarah came from the farmhouse with homemade potato soup that was awesome, and grapes and chocolate cake. Al insisted on giving me $20. I hadn’t taken any contributions till then but accepted (and did my best to put his generosity to good use). As I rolled away, I realized I should have taken  pictures; Al and Sarah was a good looking couple, probably in their early sixties. Next I entered the Potawatomie Indian Reservation where I met Tony and Tommy, small business partners/owners who were repairing a house. I told them about my mission, and said it would be great if we could have control of our own communities and live in peace. Tony who was Native American (pictured left), gave me $20 for which I was grateful. They also gave me water and apples for Reba.  I next met Rex who saw me from his house, got in his truck, caught up with and gave me a little cash for the road. (Note: I was not asking for or even hinting for contributions. I was only giving out my cards, and encouraging folks to hold on to what they loved.)      


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