Dear Rural and Small Town Americans,
I am asking you to read this ACTION PLAN FOR SMALL TOWN AMERICA. I am NOT trying to sell you anything, ask for money, or your vote. We are the people of rural and small town America, and I am asking that we come together and take action to save our little towns and farms, our way of life, and all that we hold near and dear.
The foundation on which our little towns and farms were built has been crumbling for decades. And having been weakened from decades of decline, we now face a socialist enemy that is working hard to finish off our culture like a damaged village gate, so they can bust it down and rob us of our land. Meanwhile, the capitalist are in bed with whoever controls the money. Our tradition is one of faith, but instead of trusting in God to provide for us, we have chosen to trust those who seek power, money, and control. And as a result; we are now in a landslide cultural collapse. Soon our backs will be up against the wall, and it will be too late to save what we love.
You may already volunteer in activities for rural and small town America. You may be raising a family without a minute to spare, doing all you can to ensure your children’s future. No matter your case, we are all in the same do-or-die situation. The good news is; we need only show our faith, and God will take care of the rest. I will be out walking with my horse and wagon on gravel roads from farm-to-farm and town-to-town. Come and join me if you can. Or make copies of this ACTION PLAN and give them to everyone you know. Post the action-posters around your town. Use the talking points, or make new talking points, and share them with all of us. Bring your community together, draft and sign a compact for your community, and get going on a path to restore freedom and vitality to rural and small town America.
Thank you, and may God bless you.
James Sheldon
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(“The truth will set us free.”)
When our pioneer forefathers and mothers built our farms and towns, they were following God. And thus, being Godly with their hands in the care of things, they found fulfillment in His love of making things. They built their new world to last.
But today, under the trees they planted, fruit lies rotting while we eat from the hands of those who seek power, money, and control. We can continue like we are, and lose our freedom. Or we can put ourselves back in God’s hands, where His truth will set us free.
This plan is not for those who feel a need to control others, for that is a path to socialism. Nor is this plan for those who worship the dollar, for that has become the destination of capitalism.  This plan is for Christians who hear the voice of God in their hearts, calling them to build a better world by way of the path He gives them. This plan is for Christians who see a new frontier where there are no more frontiers, and who want to enter that frontier on a path of faith, and build on God’s truth. And this plan is open to modification by such Christians. 
THE PURPOSE OF FAITH MARCH is to deliver a plan to help we of rural and small town America take action to repair the foundation on which our peace, harmony, and happiness depends. A plan to bring us back together as a people. To reestablish our Christian values, not with hollow words but through actions that inspire us, and unite us, and compel us to save our little towns and farms, and all that we hold near and dear.
Small Town America: Rural Communities with Populations to 1, 500.   Medium Town: 1,500 - 5,000.  Large Town: 5,000 - 10,000.
Small City: 10,000 - 50,000.  Medium City: 50,000 - 150,000.  Big City: 150,000 - 1,000.000.
Megalopolis: 1,000.000 plus.

In this section, you will find material that will help you bring your community together; to save what you love, for you and all of Rural and Small Town America.
1)    Get Started
2)    Posters  
3)    Talking Points  

a)     Find believers who possess the determined-optimism of our pioneer forebears.
b)     Find men and women willing to take risks with faith in God.
c)     Find adventurers who left for the cities, and ask them to come home.
d)     Find team-players able to put their differences aside for the sake of our people.
a)     Are you ready to act? For example, will you work aggressively and creatively within the law to run drug-pushers out of town? Will you form another team to revive our wonderful story and get it out on the streets and into the hearts of our lost children?
b)     Show that you’re ready to act. Start by putting your names and numbers on the posters, then pass them out, and post them in high traffic areas in your community.  Have faith, and others will see that you’re working for what they love, and they’ll step forward to join our cause!
a)     Hold a gathering in your town (in a neutral place). Give all who are willing to give Jesus a chance; a chance to discuss this plan, tell their hopes, fears, and expectations. Do not get hogtied in debate (the Bible tells us, men who talk too much are fools). A fool will babble while there is work to be done, but brave men and women act to protect and nurture what they love. And our first act is to come together in good faith!
b)     Meet again, continue the discussion and begin the organizational process. Pray, cook, eat, sing, and play games together.
c)     Continue to gel as team, and then move on to Step II. Do not get stuck in Step I. Do not gel just to become “temple jelly.”  God is waiting for you.  So move on to Step II. 
(Step I, Come Together)
Make copies of these posters, share them with your friends, pass them out in your community, and put them on poles and windows. Have faith, put your best foot forward (and your name and number on the posters), and you will find many people who want to help save what we love! 
Note: Posters below are fuzzy but you can get a clear view by clicking on them.  



We are not at the mercy of the tide. We can come together as a people under God, and stand for what we love. With God’s truth, we can win hearts and minds, argument by argument. And we can start now.
Our “hick” minds are not narrow enough to think our existence a coincidence. So we don’t buy the theory of “evolution” lock-stock-and-barrel. But we can see the seemingly slow and methodic mechanism of nature as evidence to that which manifests itself in craftsmanship, being a love of making things, which comes from God who [being the Ultimate Craftsman] is forever about by means which men cannot comprehend beyond the level of their own finite limitations. For example, scientists give the universe a size and age, but in self-evident truth, the universe is infinite (meaning it is unknowable, mysterious, and fantastic). Therefore the origin of man is beyond the reach of science. And yet, the origin of the species is within man’s reach, for in the care of The Ultimate Craftsman, anyone who cares to reach out will grow in the labor of His love. 
Why don’t we question the roll of Science in our society? The answer can be traced back to a clause in our Constitution that has allowed the establishment of science as a shadow religion. A shadow religion does what religion does but without calling itself religion. Science has become our national path, with great institutions that “help” us know how to feel, think, and build “better” lives. With it, we have built an infrastructure of destruction, but we are also creative, and because I haven’t the wisdom to get myself beyond the conundrum of knowing which choices are more of one than the other, I follow the One who can. By walking on His path; I avoid sin-based decisions that damage the gifts He has given; the beauty of nature, the miracle of life in newborn eyes, and my very soul. 
3)     FAITH vs REASON:
The mind shines brightest when acting as loyal servant to the heart, not just any heart, but a heart that loves Jesus. Think about it? Why did Jesus tell us to love our enemies? Not because it stands to reason, being some kind of fairness doctrine that must be applied due to the fact that all people are good and bad. No, He told us because; when we allow hate (or any sin) to dwell in our hearts, we damage our souls! He told us because He holds our best interest at heart. He loves us! Without condition! And in turn, we are to follow His example, and love others without condition even as we stand firm for His truth. Without this, even the “best and brightest minds” function as servants to sinful hearts and find Reason to “justify” acts of greed, hate, and every manner of sin. 
I walked and paddled 4,000 miles through America, from one small town to another, little farms, and big cities, with no doors to lock or walls to sleep behind… it was real as it gets. And when I got home, the first thing I did; I THREW MY TV OUT OF MY HOUSE!  How, for example, would “the media” feel if I were to go about visiting different worlds like walking from one orchard to another, and I took rotten apples from the media-orchard, which I then took to other orchards to show people what kind of world the media-orchard was? What if, with my extraordinary skill, I made tons of money selling my apples and gained extraordinary power with which I multiplied my business of selectively picking apples to portray all kinds of things? What if I had sister companies that sold apples designed for kids, which was highly profitable because it put profit above kids? What if society became so conditioned to my apples, they didn’t know how to pick their own fruit? What if drunk with power, I fooled myself and the people to believe I had only their best interest at heart? And what if, without God, I couldn’t stop from digging myself deeper and deeper into a hole? What awful pit would I, soon or later, find myself in, along with the poor souls who followed me there? An awful pit is where tragedy is a high profit commodity (like when school children get slaughtered), packaged and piped into every home with a digital drum roll.  If you do not want to end up in a pit, put your trust in the one true King who holds your best interest at heart. Roll up your sleeves, pack your wagon, and come to where the old wagon paths can still be found.  We will travel them together, through a time of truth, to a better world.
Jesus became the light of the world by being a man of His people, not by being a worldly man. This does not mean we are against other peoples, we are not. We are a disappearing people, and after dwindling for decades, we have reached a point where we will fall apart if we do not come together. So yes, we have a duty, not only to come together in our homes, churches, and communities, but in our hearts. How, for example, would undocumented Mexican immigrants feel if undocumented people from China began flooding into Mexico? How would they feel if their families and friends back home in little towns and farms along with their culture and all they held near and dear were fighting for survival while powerful socialist and capitalist behaved like wolves around injured prey? And how would they feel if the undocumented Chinese immigrants allied themselves with the “wolves” who promised a share of the kill? And what if the wolves were masters at using the media to demonize all who opposed them? And what if Mexican temple-dwellers (who did not walk among their people like Jesus instructed his disciples) welcomed the immigrants as brothers in Christ? Who outside of Jesus and His humble Mexican brothers would know the agonizing truth about what was being lost? 
Hate blinds the multi-cultural extremists to the love and loyalty that is the beauty of the     cultural bond, without which small communities cannot keep the peace and harmony essential to their happiness. Ignorance and bias makes the multi-cultural radical seek the destruction of the bond. With eyes closed tight in the name of "justice," multi-cultural fanatics would put     Eskimos in with Aborigines (so to speak) until the face of the world was made-over in an attempt to achieve an ideological ideal, but they would only succeed in breaking the bond that holds these communities together. This bond is the same everywhere around the world, and all people have a right to it. 
7)     CHURCH vs STATE:
When a vast majority loves God, the “Separation of Church and State” works. Otherwise, the State becomes “God,” or the Market becomes “God,” but in either case, there is nothing to separate those who seek power and control from the lies they tell to “justify” their greed and anger. Do not go along with them. Do not let them hold you prisoner before the trailhead of salvation. The gift of freewill means no one but you can separate you from His truth, which will set you free, and with His truth in your heart, you will be separate from the State, and anything else that seeks to separate you from God. 
Jesus walked from town to town preaching peace and love. Mohammad rode with a group of armed horsemen who robbed, pillaged, and murdered. There is no question as to who set the good example and who set the bad example. There is no question as to which is good and which is evil. The question is, have we grown so freakishly lame as to accept the PC LIE? Or will we stand and speak truth to power like Jesus did! 
9)     TRUTH vs LIES:
The plain truth is this: If we put ourselves in the hands of those who seek power, money, and control; we will lose our freedom.  If we are too busy to make a stand, or we just don’t want the trouble of taking it on our own shoulders, and therefore, we trust our fate to those who seek power, money, and control; we should not be surprised when an alliance of big government and big business establish the first American work farm. Of course it would not be called a work farm, it would be called something else, and it would be touted as a great day for America (a great day for god hating socialist and money loving capitalist, and a gigantic lie for the rest of us). And yet, we would accept it as a people who didn’t stand when they should have, but instead accepted one lie after another until there was no more truth left.  Our time to stand is now, today! 
Below is a quote from the American scholar, Will Durant:
“There is no greater drama in human record than the sight of a few Christians, scorned or oppressed by a succession of emperors, bearing all trials with fierce tenacity, multiplying quietly, building order while their enemies generated chaos, fighting the sword with the word, brutality with hope, and at last defeating [Rome] the strongest state that history has known. Caesar and Christ had met in the arena, and Christ had won.”


(Step II)


In this section, you will find an outline that will help you draft a compact for your community, as part of small town America. Your compact is your mission statement with one another, to save what you love! 


(Step II) 



·      When drafting your compact, remember the example of our pioneer forbearers who began only with what fit in a wagon. Later on, trains would bring “bigger and better” things but the foundation of our culture was built by men and women who put themselves in God’s hands, and thereby learnt the truths He held out for them to find.

·        Fit your compact on one page, with type large enough to read, and straight forward language that is easy to understand.



a)      Morally:

·       Acknowledge that our survival as a people hinges on coming together in Christ; our Teacher, God’s faithful Son, who gave His life to save His people.

·       Identify the Holy Bible as your master-blueprint, acknowledge sin as the cause of your problems, and commit to freedom through hard work, discipline, and gratitude. Pledge to usher God’s love into the hearts of our children with stories, song,          and dance. Ask God for guidance and courage to walk the path of truth regardless of your fate... trusting that He knows best.


b)     Materially:

·       State your intent to support community members who take on the hard work and risk of small business ownership (support business that are locally owned and operated).

·       Set a long-term goal to gain independence from outside forces that do not hold your beliefs or best interest at heart but control the supply of material resources on which your community depends (build your water, food, shelter, and energy self-reliance).

·        Pledge to build in a way that follows God’s design for sustaining our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren. In other words, respect nature for what it is;  a life-sustaining gift from God.



·        Hold a ceremony in which members sign the compact and post it in a public place. Congratulate one another, and move on to Step III. 


(Step III)


This section will help you gather resources to
 build up your community, or build a new community.

Four Resources
A formula to save what we love:
  1)  Spiritual
2)  Human
  3)  Cultural
  4)  Material



(NOTE: In PDF file form {original form}, this page is a poster in the shape of a cross.)

“Through God alone am I a better man today than I was yesterday.”
A Hollywood executive gets rich promoting a song with lyrics that influence our youth to drugs, sex, and violence. His corporate lawyer also makes it to the “high life” by justifying the song with eloquent arguments for “freedom of expression.” A university scholar blames the capitalist and spreads his hate for them to his students even while making no effort to question the roll of the song (in fact, he refers to his heroes as having achieved “rock star” status). Average Joe accepts all of this because he is afraid, and decides it’s easier to live a lie than stand for God’s truth.

 For those of us who would turn away from a world of falsehoods, freedom does not wait in a distant frontier somewhere over mountains and rivers but directly underfoot, on the same path of faith walked by our forefathers and mothers. Following God requires great personal sacrifice! And yet, anyone who walks the path of true freedom will recognize its worth, on which no earthly price can be fixed. Then with vision equaling the difference between day and night, and gratitude beyond measure, men and women do what God asks them to do; they build on His truth.


We each already have our own personal human-resource-template made especially for us when our Creator came to earth in human form so we could know Him, and go with Him on a journey to live forever in His heavenly home.
Jesus gave His disciples a job, and sent them forward with only the clothes on their backs and the Holy Spirit in their hearts. He had prepared them with His teachings and personal example. His marching orders kept them in the thick of life, as opposed to getting lost in realms of concept like detached temple-dwellers. We do not have to live up to John or Paul but the closer we follow to Jesus; the more real we will be, the more honest we will be, the more God’s truth will set us free, the closer to home we will be.
Can [our] Jesus [template] lead us to health and happiness here on earth, in a hands-on way?Yes, Jesus can save our little towns and farms and all we hold near and dear - we need only have the faith to follow Him out from in front of our TVs, out from in front of ourselves, and out from under the influence of a godless world.
After coming together as a people, and signing a compact; how can we gain independence from a socialist/capitalist system that is undermining us? How can we use [our] Jesus [template] to win the hearts and minds of our young, give our towns and farms new life, and hold on to all that we love?The answer is FAITH. We come up with a plan, we put ourselves in God’s hands, and step by step, we go forward.
The Pilgrims received God’s Spirit, and they boarded the Mayflower, and within a year, half were dead and the other half had suffered terribly. But they were not fools, they understood their dream to be an “impossible” one, and still they went forward, and such is the power of faith that, nearly four-hundred years later; their dream still lives.
There was something special in the hearts and minds of the pioneers who arrived at the shore of the Columbia River, having already come thousands of miles through mountain-ranges, deserts, and plains. The Columbia River made up the final leg of the Oregon Trail. Trail weary men, women, and children, they loaded their wagons and dreams on wooden rafts, then set out to run two-hundred miles of the most dangerous water anywhere on earth. It was an incredibly perilous thing to do, but then, it took such faith and courage to build the home of the brave and land of the free.”
Our journey is here and now. Our template is Jesus.
After we come together as a people, after we draft and sign our compacts; what should we do next as a people to stabilize our little towns and farms, and all we hold near and dear? We secure the story of those who built our foundation!
Our culture is rooted in those who settled our land. They built the foundation. Our job is to maintain and protect it. Let’s not speak of building atop our foundation as it crumbles away, but rather, let’s take action to stop it from crumbling and restore it to what God intended it to be; a strong foundation to build on:
·       Honor and celebrate our pilgrim and pioneer forefathers and mothers by putting their wonderful story of faith back where it belongs; FRONT-AND-CENTER IN OUR CULTURE.
·       Give all our children the same priceless gift; the heroic story of their forefathers and mothers who faced great danger and hardship for a better life, and with faith in God, built something even greater than their ability to imagine.
·       Bring God back in our schools, and bring our own history back in our schools (we may need to opt out of state-controlled-schools and start our own schools).
·        Establish a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for anyone who attacks our forefathers and mothers. Our cultural well is deep and much good can be drawn from it, but not if it has been poisoned by our enemy!
Note: When our enemies accuse us of keeping a dangerous well, full of social-white-lightening; let us tell them that all Christians must get on their knees before God and confess to being sinners, not to be cured of being sinners, but to be humbled and thus; opened to His truth. Then we should suggest, with sincere kindness, that our enemies make a choice; stop trying to control the world and instead do as we do so that they also may be saved; or remain hypocrites… and lose their souls!
The above must be a first-order-of-business if we are to secure our cultural resource for what it is; a wonderful gift to build on  (the above doesn’t mean we’re against other peoples, we are not).
Once we have secured our cultural resource, we can draw goodness from it, and it is free, a gift from God to us all! Good for all our people, and perhaps, especially for our orphans, our sons and daughters of widows, our motherless ones, and wayward children, that they may yet share in our bond, share in our sense of togetherness, and find comfort in belonging, and have appreciation, which makes for love and loyalty, which makes for peace, harmony, and happiness (which by the way, makes for a better world). 


Listed below are examples from Amish culture that are worth our attention. We are not Amish, we have a tradition of fighting for our freedom, and the Amish are free because of it, but we can borrow from Amish culture in our effort to gain independence from big government and big business. We can build our own free market that does not brainwash people to value things that have no real value. We can be industrious in ways that are good for us, instead of trusting those who have made us cogs in their system of destruction. We can have our own system of governance that is not detached from our reality, not obsessed with power and control, not corrupt, and not bankrupt. The choice is ours. We can put our own definition on freedom, or we can go along with flag burning and public nudity (we don’t call that sort of behavior “freedom,” but sadly, we have trusted our children’s education to a system that does). We can follow the godless to destruction, or we can turn and follow the One who holds our best interest at heart:
Once, while working a horse in a round pen on an Amish farm, I noticed a procession of six or seven Amish girls, dressed like pioneers, walking the country lane. The oldest looked to be twelve, leading the way with direction, but not at all severe. The youngest was about five, and brought up the rear. To my surprise, they turned up the driveway of the farm where I worked. I didn’t know what to think but figured it an Amish thing. I watched as they continued without adult supervision, but each knowing their task, fetched a stocky miniature horse, then a miniature covered wagon. They harnessed the horse, hitched it to wagon, boarded one by one, and as they drove away, they smiled and waved at me. Astonished, I went in the barn to ask my Amish friend what I had seen. He said the girls had stopped that morning and left the horse to be shod before continuing on foot to the one room schoolhouse up the lane. They were not all sisters but children of the community. I’d seen a miniature school [transportation] system operated by children, working together, without adult supervision; independent, efficient, safe, clean, healthy, and yes of course, happy!
Bailing Amish hay began with a team of 4 horses, driven by a man in a chariot-like thing called a fore-cart, to which  hitched a [old-fashion John Deere] hay bailer, to which hitched a large flatbed wagon. At the back of this train, my Amish friend and I stacked bales that came up a small conveyor from the bailer to the wagon. My friend’s dog, a Blue Healer, also rode on the wagon with us. Up front, the horses were hitched four abreast. They were Belgium draft horses, perfectly matched and so beautiful as to belong in a parade. They pulled that train, no problem. Across a field, I saw a man driving a team of 8 Percherons hitched abreast pulling a three piece disk - what an awesome site!  But what really blew my mind was an Amish woman driving a loaded freight wagon to town. She was not a big woman but just an average woman, driving a team of black Percherons. She was dressed like a pioneer, standing alone on the flatbed, holding the reins in one hand, with three small children gathered close around her skirt. Yeah, my jaw dropped! But it was no big thing to the Amish. They were not dependent but independent. They grew their own fuel (hay!). They raised their own farm engines so to speak (their draft horses). They used wind and solar power too. Their farms were pictures of freedom. Was God trying to tell me something? Yes! Of course He was! The Amish work to be healthy and happy. They make their own cloths, furniture, even vehicles (wagons). They do not place their wares or skills above God, but rather, they humbly regard their skills and wares as blessings, handed down to them from God, the Master Craftsman of all things. By sharing in His love of making things, they occupy themselves with healthy personal industries and maintain independence from a society sick with materialism.
In an Amish hardware store that, at the time happened to be unattended because the storekeeper was out in the fields; my Amish friend and I got some fencing material and left an I.O.U. on the counter. Another Amish man also did this. I’ve never seen this elsewhere in America, but it’s encouraging to know it really exists!
I’m not saying the Amish are better than other people. I know from direct experience that, white, black, red, yellow, brown, rich or poor, right or left… we are all wonderful, and we are all pathetic. I’m just using the Amish as an example to show the goodness of a strong cultural bond. On the other hand, I know that mixing cultures can be an equally positive part of the human experience, as long as it’s voluntary and not a rush to create a singular super-culture of multi-culture that all must bow to. And therein lies a danger in America today; there’s a new extremism that may soon do exactly that, and bring a time of evil.  


We don’t need China to make our pots and pans - only a foolish people would allow foreigners to come between their stomachs and the crops in the fields. A nation of fools brags about their freedom while depending on foreigners for their shoes.  As must be expected, righting such a situation will require many pairs of good shoes - and we can make those shoes! We can make pots and pans. We can grind grain, bake bread, and do a whole lot more right here in rural and small town America. We need only turn from those who got us into this mess, and turn to the One who holds our best interest at heart.
Our potential is like a jigsaw puzzle and only God knows where the pieces go, but it is our steps taken in faith that make the pieces fall into place, and the final outcome is greater than our ability to imagine. Like a puzzle with all its pieces, God has already laid out all the materials we need. All we need is to have faith, make one small step in faith, followed by another, and the pieces will fall into place on a path to freedom.
No good will come from acquiring material resources before getting the faith part right. We need only have faith, and God will provide all the materials we need. But without faith; we confuse the difference between material needs and material wants. Without spiritual fulfillment, we try to compensate through material means like capital and political gain, and power over others. Such false needs can never be met, and a cycle of sin-based-decisions leads men deeper and deeper into trouble. It’s no coincidence that, when our streets become unsafe, our streams become unclean. To get right with God is to get right with God, period, spiritually, materially, and every which way. He will provide the materials we need. That is what He did for me last summer in Faith March 2012. In the days, weeks, and months leading up to my mission, I didn’t know how I was going to manage when my mission was over. I wasn’t working for any religious organization. I had poured everything into making my mission a reality, and beyond that; I would have no job, no money, and no place to live when my mission was over. I was worried, very worried. A friend found a place where I could live after my mission and that was helpful, but still there was so much uncertainty, like having a means to feed myself. That is how I began my mission, and in the course of my mission, here is a list of material blessings I received without asking: 1) I got a great job that would fund my continued mission work even while allowing me extra time to prepare for the next phase of my mission! 2) I got an unexpected place to live rent free, on a beautiful country hilltop, and the property owner insists on paying my utilities! 3). My neighbor supplies me with hay for my horse and I have to argue with him in order to get him to let me pay him more than $20.00 dollars for a $120.00 round bale! 4) My neighbor in the other direction brings me horse supplies like wormer and other products and will not allow me to pay anything! 5) I went in the phone store to get my dumb-phone fixed and the kid behind the counter did some unofficial thing to it; I didn’t ask him to, but he put a smart chip in it, and now I get internet; e-mail, Facebook, YouTube, and all the rest free; it’s crazy!  6) I’ve been given more cloths than I can list; good cloths, boots, and coats! 7) I’ve been given a ton of food! All from a frightful step of faith! (Note: The people in the story above are not the Amish I spoke of earlier; they are my people, rural and small town Americans.)
Materially, some of us will have more than others. I’m okay being materially poor. I am blessed to have kind neighbors who are rich, meaning they have farms or ranches, not tropical islands. If we all have God; we don’t need to worry about who has what so long as we all work hard and, as a community, we take care of one another. 


(Step IV)
You may know the old saying, “The best way to make
 God laugh is to announce your plans to Him.” Having
faith is infinitely better than having a plan. A step in His
direction, followed by another, is the best plan you can have.
 In this section are basics which require faith to
build on God’s solid ground.
1)   External Services
2)   Freedom Skills
3)   Our Physical Health
4)   Agro-Freedom
5)   Build a New Community
6)   Surviving the State
7)   Nuts and Bolts
Freedom to build safe streets and clean streams is not possible with big government and big business because; in order to be big and stay big; big government and business need to make people dependent on their services in big ways - and this is bad for freedom in a big way. Independence is not gained by following those who seek power, money, and control. Independence, as proven by our forefathers and mothers, is made by hardworking individuals bound together as a people who trust in God. In this plan, when we build our communities, we look to see how God makes things work, and by following His designs, we build our freedom step by step. And while there is plenty to do, we don’t need to do it all (the pilgrims didn’t swim the ocean, they hired a ship). So we will begin by listing external services of value to us:
We need help with transportation and communication:
·        The railroad stops in small town America for grain and may pick up and deliver other products someday, but to ship and receive most goods today; over-the-road transport will work for us.
·        The internet is virtually everywhere and as a result; many small business people are able to have their business off the beaten path; like in small town America where they can join a mission to build safe streets and clean streams.
Some big business can be good for small communities. For example; rural telephone companies often make upgrades to existing structures in small towns and hire skilled technicians who come from or become part of the community. (Warning: They may be government subsidized and thus beholden to state ideology that is hostile to our culture.) (Note: Railroad & Internet can be modified to run clean, both kinds of clean.)
We need help from limited centralized government:
·        The government has become a giant, confused, perplexed, clutching a club of power that no fool would expect it to [willingly] surrender. Nonetheless, our first request should be that   the giant give up its power - or change its home’s name, so as not to besmirch the good name and example of our nation’s founding father who, rather than be king, surrendered his sword.
Some big government may not be all bad; the small town library program seems to be a good thing, and certain agro-programs seem to be good (I don’t know enough to say). But I know this; our government is too big, and power corrupts, and we should be careful about becoming dependent on those who wield it.
As a general rule; we should not allow big gov or big biz to do what we can do for ourselves. For example; a food processing plant uses undocumented workers and low-wage-earners for unskilled labor that is repetitive and so stupid it requires company propaganda for artificial worker pride and satisfaction. Meanwhile, a ghetto emerges, and in small towns with no police force [to “manage” the beast], gang related activity goes unchecked, including drug running, child prostitution, and vandalism with graffiti, broken glass and trash in amounts that have to be seen to be believed. Real community pride vanishes, replaced by unhappy existence. And before you know it; a new generation grows up to know and expect nothing better.
I’ve seen the above example firsthand. I’ve seen the good and the bad in varying degree. I’ve walked through a string of small towns that filled me with joy and hope. I’ve walked through a string of small towns in ruin, and seen the seemingly unstoppable advance of an invisible enemy. The good is retreating, the bad advancing, and those who do not face this truth and take action to save what they love will be carried away with the tide, including those who “follow” God with words alone, for words alone are insincere, an insult to God who ask only that we put one foot before the other with faith. He will take care of the rest.


How do we end our dependence on a system owned and run by those who seek power, money, and control? How do we transition from reliance on them, to reliance on God? We do it in steps. We start by learning freedom-skills (listed below) not to earn a living at first, but in celebration of our heritage. Our second step is to make industry of our celebration. We hold a town fair where we share what we learn, give demonstrations, celebrate our efforts, and give thanks. Our fair may start as an annual event, then biannual, then quarterly, then monthly. With time we get better at what we do, we combine the best of the old with the best of the new, the hand of God reveals itself more and more, our progress becomes greater than we imagined, and each success leads to another personal-industry-opportunity for another of us. For example, one person(s) processes a food, which creates a need for containers to hold the product, so another person(s) makes reusable containers. With faith and time, we become a people who live on what God provides...we are free!
There will be those who say this cannot be done. They will say so because they are afraid. But to hide their fear, how many laughed and scoffed at our forefathers and mothers only to later follow them into a settled frontier! 
What is a “freedom-skill”? A freedom-skill allows us to live independent from outside forces that do not share our beliefs or hold our best interest at heart. Freedom-skills have no personal value in a world obsessed with power, money, and control. But in small communities, freedom-skills not only build independence, they build peace, harmony, and happiness through self-worth, sense of ownership, belonging, and appreciation. Some of us know a freedom-skill, and some do not. The Internet has many how-to-videos for freedom-skills. The videos are free, and some are listed below:
We can, and therefore we should:
·       Process our own food:
Grind Grain       Cure Meat       Can Vegetables      Pasteurize Milk
Bake Bread        Dry Fish          Dry Fruit                Make Cheese    
We can, and therefore we should:
·       Make our own shoes, coats, blankets, etc:
Shoes & Boots       Pants & Shirts                   Sheets & Table Cloths
Hats & Coats         Under Ware & Socks        Blankets & Quilts
God gives us common sense to know that we will lose our freedom if we chose to depend on those who seek power, money, and control. The choice is ours. God stands ready to provide all we need. By following His lead; we can build freedom and self-worth step by step, brick by brick, at the foundation level in small town America. And as a result, our freedom and happiness will not be a concept but a    real and tangible thing, from God’s hands to ours.


It’s been 50 years since science promised us a new and wondrous future full of flying cars and glass towers where machines take care of everything, and our little towns have been in decline ever since, along with our physical health, not to mention our freedom. The good news is:  God is waiting for us to return to Him, and will make us strong again.
We can, and therefore we should:
·        Get ourselves in good physical condition, so we can do the difficult but worthwhile work of saving our little towns and farms, along with our freedom and happiness.
I am not making a case against technology. I work for an old-timer who grew up horse farming without running water, electricity, or gas. I read his memoir and it helped me understand how hard the work was back in the “good old days.” His mother worked so hard that one day she just collapsed, and died that night. Technology can improve our lives, but that doesn’t change the fact that we must go back in order to retrieve the baby that got tossed out with the bathwater. And going back isn’t as awful as some may think.  For example: God wasn’t about to let me preach a pioneer movement without walking-the-walk at least a little. And so it was that, when I finished last year’s horse and wagon journey and landed here; I had to do things not because I chose to, but because my “happenstance-of-circumstance” was part of God’s continuing plan for me. Every morning and night before and after work, whereas I used to open a gate so livestock could get to their food, I had to pitch fork hay. Whereas I’d had an electric stock-tank heater, I had to break ice by hand. Whereas I’d had a spigot, I had to haul water by the bucket. (I did this work in two feeding/drinking areas, about one-hundred yards apart on a five acre plot.) Mucking a shed with a headlamp in the dark after a long day of welding and grinding plus a commute of 65 miles to work and back, plus the fact that I’m a senior citizen now left me wondering if I would live much longer. Sometimes I had to sit and it felt like the earth was moving under me. During this period of time, my mood was not good. But I didn’t go to a doctor and get pills. Instead, I thanked God for my path and cut way down on sugar, salt, fat, and caffeine (I was eating approx 3 candy bars a day, often a Big Macwith fries, and always a cup of coffee, a bowl of heavy salted popcorn, soda, and more.). Sometimes, God has to twist my arm to get me going in the right direction and show appreciation for the life He gave me. And I’m so glad He twisted my arm, I’m a new man! Truly, a huge improvement physically and spiritually! 
We can, and therefore we should:
·        Make our physical health effort a part of our community celebration, make industry of our celebration, and by such means; position ourselves to have a place and perhaps even become leaders in the new and promising field of natural health, thus further strengthening our communities, not coincidentally but as God makes things fall together for those who show faith.
Here is an example of how the above might work: There’s no grocery story in the small town 3 miles from my home, so I shop at a grocer in the next closest small town. Now I do not work in the city, but in order to cross a river on my way to work, I have to drive through a medium sized city each day, and there’s a big box grocer located directly on my route, and there is this real good local oatmeal bread that I love not to mention it’s healthy, but it’s available only in a special section at the big box grocer, so I get it there. But if someone in the small town that I live beside started making real good homemade bread, and I discovered their bread in one of our town fairs as mentioned earlier, then I would buy their bread. And I’d buy jam also, if it was good. That’s how it starts! Additionally, and this is very important: At the small town grocer, I leave my car unlocked, and the kids who sack groceries know what car is mine, and they will load my car even if I remain in the store speaking with friends. On the other hand, it would be stupid to leave my car unlocked in the city!
Walking is good for us, walking leads us to good things. Spring came and the days got easier, so I began preparing my horse for this summer’s mission by walking her. I would have ridden her but she had a hoof split I was nursing along, so it was by no wisdom of my own that the walking benefitted me also. We usually walked a mile on and along the gravel. Sometimes, we’d see a group of neighbor ladies out walking. Sometimes, folks would come out and put their kids on my horse, and I’d lead them around, and their bright smiles were something to see.
We can treat our bodies as gifts from God, or, we can consume stuff that hurts our health, our children’s health, our community’s health, and our spiritual well being. God holds our best interest at heart; He makes water, milk, and fruit juice. Big business wants our money, and sells us pop. God gives us commonsense to keep us healthy, big business gives us commercials to sell us things - good or bad. (Note: I quit soda but found healthy drinks to take its place and taste better. I quit candy but still enjoy homemade cookies on Sunday night. I threw my TV out but still watch a movie now and then.  Etc…  We don’t have to be extreme.) 


In rural America, we got a whole lot of horses just standing around doing nothing. In fact, I was talking to an old friend who horse farms and we were joking about opening a horse rescue business that took live horses in through the front, and sold fresh “hamburger” out the back. Seriously though, there are countless opportunities for profitable small scale industry in rural and small town America. Below are just two examples using generally unwanted things:
Horse manure breaks down to a good consistency for spreading as fertilizer. It is granular but not so powdery as to blow away in the wind during the spreading process. In the spring when the grass is coming up, the patches around horse manure are very noticeably healthier than the rest, but weeds don’t do well around it. Also in spring, there are a slew of city-radio-commercials playing for lawn care and gardening. An enterprising rural American could use all these things to his/her/their advantage to offer a natural alternative fertilizer product. I know this would work because I’ve started a business from scratch when many said I couldn’t, and I ran it very successfully for 12 years before getting out for what I now do.  The thing to do is search out one’s market, and play on your strengths: 1) Your product is  natural, not a questionable mixture of chemicals. 2) You’ve done your homework and enough experimenting to know what you’re talking about. 3) The customer would be sending their hard-earned cash to where their food is grown, not to Wall Street. Additionally, there are many other natural farm-produced-ingredients that can be added to make a product line of horse manure based fertilizers. To get started, no expensive college degree would be necessary but only a few classes on accounting and business management. And while taking classes; do hands-on work to increase your experience in the field.  Outside this, all that is needed for success is commitment.
The ragweed that grows behind the barn and in the ditches can be made into rope. There wouldn’t be any profit in making it into rope, at least not the kind of profit that an industrial world has taught us to value. But it would be a positive thing for the town fairs mentioned earlier; it could inspire others as a valuable tool (rope) made from something that grows in the ditch (weeds). And it doesn’t hurt to remember what the Bible says about the last being first and the first being last, or that outside the Bible, God’s writing is on the wall so to speak, meaning that He speaks to us all the time, and He provides all we need to survive, and soon, very soon perhaps, rope making knowledge and the like may be critically important to the survival of our people.
We can, and therefore we should:
·        Petition and if necessary march for laws that free us to sell food and other agro-products directly, without going through big government regulators and big business processors. And we should have liability protection under the law. (Why liability protection? Because a consumer should be able to look at a product along with the person presenting it and the immediate environment, and draw a commonsense conclusion as to whether it’s good or bad – duh!) Some commonsense laws might be helpful here. For example, fly-by-night scoundrels could be discouraged by requiring venders to be members of, or approved by, the community in/from which they sell their products.
The issue of food safety has become a tool by which big government and big business maintain their agro-oligarchy… a system far closer to tyranny than freedom. And in it, we have been brainwashed to fear an army of deadly germs, murdering marauders with the power of invisibility, lurking at every turn, eagerly waiting for any opportunity to penetrate us, and make us die a horrible death. And we have been trained to fight back with a rash of rules, regulations, drugs, and chemical products designed to save us. And since the fight began, our little farms and towns have been in decline, our health has been in decline, and our freedom has been in decline. Our leaders tell us that science has doubled our life expectancy from 40 to 80 in the past 150 years, but what they don’t tell us is that anyone in that time period had the same chance of living to 80 once they got past childhood (they omit the fact that the lower number is an average caused by childhood disease). Science deserves credit for curing childhood diseases, and cleanliness is next to godliness, but when power and money get involved; freedom goes out the window. The good news is; we can follow God’s designs by applying commonsense with science (meaning to observe and determine nature’s interactive qualities), and then apply those qualities for self-sustaining positive results. This wide open field is a real opportunity for rural and small town America. We only have to show faith; God will get us past oligarchies and other obstacles that stand in the way of freedom. 


 I do my business from a mobile workshop on site, but I may be able to open a stationary workshop in small town America and conduct my business from there. If so, I’d like to use my skill as a metal fabricator to build horse drawn farm equipment in my spare time, not for profit, but just to do it like someone would go hunting or plant a garden in their spare time. I recently used my Clydesdale horse to disk a small field, it was more fun than I expected.
We can, and therefore we should:
·        Develop an agricultural method that we can fall back on to help our people survive in the event of a catastrophic infrastructure collapse. This would not be a method to straight away replace what we have today, but a method to grow outside the current system because if we continue following the godless who [are unfulfilled and thus] always want more, more, more… we will end up with nothing.
·        Encourage our land owners and rural renters to get horse drawn plows, learn to use them, and keep them in celebration of our heritage, as a means by which to keep a small gate open to our past in an age of big government and big industry, as a fun thing for families and communities that want more than ATVs and video games, and as insurance against the aforementioned infrastructural catastrophe.
·        Recognize the computer as one of man’s great discoveries ranking up there with fire and the wheel, and use it as a tool to benefit our people, to increase our skill-knowledge, with which to operate our farms and ranches, make our wears, strengthen our towns, build our freedom, health, and happiness.
·        Reevaluate the horse as a viable biological engine that can work in conjunction with a large variety of long-lasting mechanized equipment, can reproduce itself to make a new farm engine when the old one wears out, can refuel on grass that grows along the road, can make fertilizer to grow crops, can entertain children on Sunday, and in dire situations can be eaten to buy time and save its masters from starvation.
Once while out of state, I overheard some ranchers in a café talking about how a mechanical mule [that Japan made] was better than a horse [that God made] because, on any given day, a horse might show up for work with a bad attitude. They sounded a little fed up with their horses. But the truth is that, if a horse has a bad attitude, it’s because its master has a bad attitude. In order to get positive results from a horse, a man must better himself (God’s love and wisdom are in His creation). I’m not saying that a mechanical mule is a bad thing. To the contrary, I think they’re good especially for older folks, but I would encourage younger and middle-aged men to try a horse and cart, which can go anywhere a mechanical mule can and beyond, and can refuel itself on grass while a rancher drives posts, or rests in the shade and eats lunch. I know this works. I have stopped for lunch in the shade, taken a thin white rope out of my cart along with a few ultra-light fiberglass fence spears, and quickly and easily cordoned my horse off to graze while I sat and ate lunch, then back to work for both of us.
My father, grandfather, and great grandfather all dealt in farm equipment and farmed a little on the side but our family legacy died when IH went belly up. I moved to the city, built a business totally from scratch, and ran it successfully for 17 years (including 5 years of apprenticeship under a master craftsman at 60hrs per week, plus night and weekend junco courses for small business management and accounting).  I’m one of those who left for the city but returned to my roots (12 yrs ago).  Small business may be in my blood, but this is not about reclaiming my family legacy. This is about WE THE PEOPLE OF RURAL AND SMALL TOWN AMERICA reclaiming our legacy because it’s a gift from God, and without it, we won’t survive as a people.
We can, and therefore we should:
·       Embrace who we are. We are the traditional people of rural and small town America. Our heritage is faith-based, agro-based, and work-based. We are farmers, ranchers, housewives, tradesmen, shopkeepers, bankers, lawyers, pastors, etc. Rich and poor, fat and thin, tall and short, together we pray God help us take what is good in our past and present, and carry it into the future, for the sake of preserving what we love.


Building a community within your community has its pros and cons. It would allow you to further your mission without interference from people who are not of the same mind, but sooner or later, you would have to work/deal with those who do not think like you. This could occur, for example, if you became dominate players in your community and tried to run the bad guys out of town (the drug pushers, child traffickers, etc.). You might bring you community together, or you might cause a split even between Christians which would hurt in a time when we need to come together as a people, but you cannot let worry stop you. Chose a path and go forward with faith, God will take care of the rest.
Building a community within your community will allow you to make a “Need Sheet” and fill it with volunteers who are committed to success. Your need sheet is a list of basic needs to be divided among your members. For example, one or two members take on the task of learning all about milling grain and set up a small mill, one or two members take on the task of growing and canning vegetables, one or two take on the task of producing energy, one or two take on the task of downloading information and building an information library, etc. This process should not be done as a group insurance policy (even though it is). Rather, this should be done with the intent of fostering your mission until it catches on and becomes the accepted way of your community.
In the event you build a community within a community, and then decide that winning the larger community over is not a wall God wants you to climb; your group could buy land and build a whole new community. It’s a radical step, but no less pleasing to God than any other group with faith enough to risks their livelihood. If you do this, do not choose a religious-charismatic for your leader. Beware of those who have the guru-syndrome. Elect a council of elders for your leaders (this would be my choice). Or elect a levelheaded leader from among you, or recruit a retired CEO and surround him with godly people.
When I had my business in the city, most of my clients were wealthy CEOs, and of them, many were excellent men, capable of providing the nuts and bolts leadership folks need to have a shot at success, health, harmony, and happiness. The key is that a retired CEO believes in the mission and be part of the community and not detached in a distant tower of power. If you think this is impossible, it is not. Trust me, I had to target these men in order to win them as clients. They’re around, and might be available having turned to God in their latter years. I also knew a former State Governor, an old fashioned Kansas Democrat (which I am not) but nonetheless a very good man. I do not know our current Governor but I voted for him and am grateful to have him at the helm of our State. But if we don’t give him something to work with, then the only path he has to help us is through big government and big business, socialist and capitalist realms of sinking sand. There is only one realm of truth. We can trust our future to the sinking sands, or we can take the path of faith, and build our future on God’s solid ground.
In the event you build a totally new community, do not align your street or streets to run north, south, east, west. Build them in accordance with the prevailing winds of your area, to create wind venturi, and wind blocks. Build in accordance with the path of the sun in summer and winter, to create shade and sun spots. Watershed is very critical. A mountain of info is available on all this and, with faith and commonsense, will help you achieve positive results.


If the Pilgrims were to land in America today, they would be caught in a fiasco fit for the Roman Coliseum. It is true, and likewise, the harder you press for freedom in the present system, the more resistance you will come up against.  But remember this, our forefathers and mothers overcame adversity because they had God on their side.
The state will be an obstacle to anyone who tries to implement this plan. To survive them, use peaceful resistance. Create a special action team (comprised of volunteer senior citizens, grandkids, and disabled folks who can afford to get thrown in the poky). Pool this team from your town, surrounding towns, and countryside. Then, when the government comes with bureaucratic codes to derail your mission, dispatch your special action team to the county or state offices involved, where they can lay down and refuse to leave as a means to make it impossible for the government workers to do their job, making their lives as difficult as they have made yours. Also, send a video unit with your team, post the videos on line, send copies to the press, and your congressmen. Above all, trust God and press on!
When I had my business in the city, I upgraded my facility a few times until at last I moved into a brand new facility.    Everything was new and beautiful, the building, the parking lot, the lawn, and the bushes along the drive. In the process of moving, I used half my employees to move equipment from old building to new, and the other half to continue production work that kept our revenue stream flowing. Then, right in the middle of our all-out-effort; I received a call from a government bureaucrat telling me that I had to shut the entire operation down because the bushes planted along the drive were not properly spaced (they were like 3ft apart and code was 2½ft). The government bureaucrat said he had come out with a tape measure, but I never saw him (the weasel must have come in the night like some kind of socialist-lawn-Nazi). He said I could not resume operation until the bushes were replanted - correctly. I went ballistic and refused to shut down, and to this day those bushes haven’t moved an inch. Years later, after hearing God’s call, I intentionally downsizing my operation (I did it right for the sake of my employees). Eventually, it was just me and my mobile work shop by which I funded my mission work. My mobile work shop is made from an old-but-nicely-restored Christian church bus, bright white with bold black insignias and stained glass windows. Originally, it had been a school bus, and because of that; when I first went to use it and get a license tag, the state (not the county but the state) told me that in order to tag it, I had to take a test on how to deal with school children (there was a thick book to study before the test). I told them the bus didn’t carry children. I remained polite throughout, and told them the bus had only one seat, and  the rest was a work shop, with work benches, vices, grinders, welders, etc. The state said it didn’t matter, I still had to take the test. They made me jump through hoops for two days on the phone from one bureaucrat to another until finally this high up fellow got angry and rudely told me it didn’t matter what I was using the bus for; the bus was originally a school bus, and therefore I had to take the test! I thought to myself, “What planet are these people on?” To make a long story short, I got around them legally without spending money or time. How? Not because they came around, they never did, but God reached down and opened a door. Later on, while doing some porch sitting at a friend’s house and relating my story to a group of folks, I heard a story about of a group of country folks who got together to share/trade/sell food they had grown/raised/made. The state came down on them hard, not only shutting them down, but destroyed their goods and live chickens, not because they were unhealthy but because they were not following the bureaucratic code of the state. The good news is; we can be smart about this, and we can be prepared, and go forward with the courage of our forefathers and mothers who proved that;  with faith,  there is always a way.
The effort to build a self-sustaining community with safe streets and clean streams is as-good-a-reason-as-any for tax and regulatory relief, but the government would attach conditions developed by those who dwell in storehouses of knowledge far removed from the truth, with perfect-world cultural-fantasies filling their heads, but without thought to their own utter dependence on a system of destruction. They are hypocrites! DO NOT listen to them.  DO NOT make the mistake of thinking you can cut your small town up like a pie with other cultures and have a harmonious community. Trust me, I walked and paddled our land for 4,000 miles. I’ve seen how God makes things work for our happiness, and the way big government and big business makes things work to their own advantage. We are not against other peoples, we are a disappearing people. And as long as we trust our future to those who seek power, money, and control; we will continue to disappear. But there is good news. We can be strong and free, with peace, harmony, and happiness. We need only come together and follow the One who holds our best interest at heart. 


A home can be warmed by the sun in ways that are less complex then big science, big business, and big government would have us believe. Recently, I did an experiment in which I devised an ultra-simple system for heating my home in winter. Using black tarps that could easily be taken up and down, I created heat sinks to catch the suns energy above and below my living space. I did so without sacrificing windows or aesthetics. In such a way, using the sun as an only source of afternoon heat, and even though the temperature only reached 15 degrees outdoors, the temperature indoors reached 59 degrees! It was only an experiment, but it proved something I would like to try later.
Building doesn’t have to be anywhere near as expensive as the big boys say. For example; a feller who lived on the east coast brought some land in Kansas with a dream of opening a small dude ranch. Among other things, he needed a horse shed which cost over $5,000.00 and when it was delivered, it wasn’t much to look at considering the price. Last fall I needed a horse shed, so I purchased what I call “seconds steel” (rejects like the warped 2X4s that get tossed off the stack at the lumber yard). I then used the slightly warped steel tubing to build the frame of my shed, and by putting them together juxtaposed, I came out with a perfectly square 12 X 18 frame. And unless a person knew, they could look right at its frame and not know it was made with seconds steel. I then sided it with some used tin, some of which was a little rough (I could have found better if I’d taken more time, but I had a job to start for a customer). Anyway, the long and short of it is this, the entire thing cost me $200. That is 25 sheds the same size as the fancy shed mentioned above! I also build a horse shed using this same method except that, after I erected it, I washed the used siding with dish pads and soap, painted it with a spray gun; and it looked brand new! The point I’m making is this: We can build good and strong without spending a fortune or sacrificing aesthetics.
Like most people, I need a dependable car, but my mission has me on a very tight budget. So a few years back, I found a totally NOT dependable 1983 Chevy Citation with a few good things going for it: Its 4 cylinder motor had excellent compression, new suspension struts and exhaust system had been recently installed, and its body had no rust or dents. I purchased it for $150. I then disconnected its computer, replaced the fuel injector with a one-barrel Holly from a 1973 AMC Gremlin, replaced the computer-controlled-distributor with an HEI distributor; and thus replaced a complicated nest of old wiring with just one wire! I also totally rebuilt the brake system, and installed new tires. My total investment was approx $1,400 and I have driven that car all over creation and it is still running strong today. What I did was against government codes even though I significantly increased its fuel millage, and by recycling a car, I kept a lighter footprint than most. I did something similar to make a dependable truck (Ford) with a total investment of $1,000. What I’m saying is this; we don’t need to spend big money to save our little towns and farms. I am able to do my mission in part because I use my freedom skills to stop following the world and its idea of what I should do, and follow God on the path He set out for me (my effort to get to where He wanted me to be included finding ways to live without what the world had taught me to need). And by His love and wisdom, my effort went towards the development of my soul. I am not saying my soul is more developed than the next person.  I’m saying that; my soul has been enriched by God to a degree that I could never have imagined!!!
Once while out of state, I saw a loaf of bread in a grocer that caught my eye because of its label, which read; “Freedom Bread.”  So I bought it only to discover it tasted like something I would expect to find on the sparsely stocked shelves of the old Soviet Union - and I felt ripped off. We don’t need socialism or capitalism to make good bread, good homes, good towns, or a good nation. We need God. When we get saved, our life and work becomes an expression of gratitude, and by God’s wisdom; when we feel gratitude, we cannot help but feel joy, and finding joy in what we do leads to the highest possible quality, quality in what we make, quality in what we do, quality across the board - quality becomes cultural.

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2004-2005: I canoed and walked the Lewis and Clark Trail. It took me two years, 4,000 miles. No cell phone, no motorized assistance., no pre-arrangements, no support crew other than the people I happened to meet along the way. They just kept coming like angles out of the blue. And I came away from the experience deeply moved. I spent the next 5 years (2006 -2011) writing and publishing a book about my journey (AMERICAN ERRAND, see link below). My book got excellent reviews from readers, but I canceled my plans to market it because I heard a voice in my heart calling me to take my message directly to the people. Writing had made me poor but I sold what remained of my belongings, bought a draft horse and wagon, and along with my dog, we set out traveling back roads through rural America. See paragraph directly below.


Faith March 2012: I put myself in God’s hands and made my first horse and wagon mission. This blog covers it in photos, journal entries, and videos. It wasn’t planed to last 40 days and nights but it just came out that way. From farm-to-town and town-to-town, I spoke with a great many people. I was greatly inspired, and so were they. Please read my, SEVEN FLYERS! They are important. Enjoy the journal, photos, and videos. Be inspired. Tell your friends. Thank you, and God bless!


Faith March 2013: I made my second horse and wagon mission. I hadn’t planned it to last 73 days and nights but it just came out that way. This time I handed out my, ACTION PLAN FOR SMALL TOWN AMERICA. I wrote it with help from a retired Navy SEAL who I met on my first Faith March. It was very well received. You can read it here: ACTION PLAN Also, enjoy the journal, photos, and videos. Be inspired. Tell your friends. The journal link is above (FAITH MARCH 2013). Thank you and God bless!


2014-2016: I wrote my booklet AMERICA’S FAITH FRONTIER based on the perspective God had given me over the course of my travels. I then spent the following three years (2017-2020) going out on weekends, towing my horse by trailer to different towns where we walked the streets, gave rides to countless children (always with parents present), spoke with many people, and handed out my booklet. It hasn’t been easy financially but I’ve paid for all my mission work out-of-pocket except for once when I ran out of money on the trail and my old hometown friends quickly raised $700 dollars to get me through. May God bless them! Outside that, I refused to take money. Out on the trail, strangers were feeding me, giving me places to camp, and just heaping kindness on me. May God bless them! Please read, AMERICA’S FAITH FRONTIER. It’s 100% free in my website. A quick and easy read that’s packed full of inspiration. People are reading it online around the world.


2020 to Present: I am pouring myself into a new book. A faith based fiction. A family in the wild, fighting the good fight. No politics, no crutches of violence or sex. Just a real good story. A trilogy, each book about 350 pages. I’m halfway through the third book and hope to have it completed in a year. I will then publish the trilogy and market it along with my book about my journey on the Lewis and Clark trail. Not looking to make any money. I'm far from rich but, I am very grateful because I have enough to not worry about making money and paying bills. And this allows me to purse my objective, to inspire folks!

Thank you, and may God bless you!



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